vivere liberi

Junoesque Hsiao
UCSB2017 | 18 | XI.III.XCV | single | Romans 12: 9-21

I learned that people can easily forget that others are human.

—"Prisoner" from the Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

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Don’t let her go to sleep upset.

Because, she’ll only toss and turn in frustration, until sadness pulls her into sleep, and tears stain her pillow. You’ll be her first thought when she wakes up, and more than anything, she’ll wish she could go back to sleep, back to the silence, to the empty blackness. Don’t do this to her, she’s worth so much more, if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t care.

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Anonymous asked: hey junoo! do you know a good store to buy long prom dresses at? other than the brea mall? :o

uhh wow… my prom dress was from taiwan. i have a few other pageant dresses from downtown LA and from this hole in the wall store in whittier(?) i’m sorry i couldn’t be of much help… 
SHOULD I SELL MY LONG DRESSES? i might. they’re just sitting in my closet):